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Master The Safety Operating Procedure of Electric Rebar Reinforced Bender To Escort Your Safety

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With the development of science and technology, people also have many machines in their work to improve the quality of production and shorten the required production time.

1. The mechanical installation must pay attention to the safe grounding of the fuselage, the power supply is not allowed to be connected directly on the button, and the iron shell switch should be installed to control the power supply.

2. Check whether the machines are complete before use, and whether the selected moving gear is consistent with the speed of the diameter of the bending steel bar. Whether the gap between the dental wheel mesh is appropriate. Whether the fixed iron is tight and firm. And check whether the turntable steering is consistent with the direction of the inverted switch. And add lubricating oil according to regulations. Check whether the electrical equipment insulation and connecting the ground wire are damaged and loose. After trial operation, it is considered to be operated by qualifications.

3. When operating, one end of the reinforced bars should be stable in the gap between the turntable fixed head, and the other end is close to the fuselage fixing the head. With one hand, it must be paid attention to the fuselage head. On the side, the machine can be turned on.

4. Replace the fixing head on the turntable, and replace it after the operation stops.

5. It is strictly forbidden to bend the steel bars with diameter stipulated in the mechanical brand. If you curved without cold or rusty steel bars, you must bring a protective mirror. When curved low alloy steel, such as non -Putong steel bars, should be converted to the maximum limit diameter in accordance with mechanical brand names.

6. The installation of gear gear should be in accordance with the following regulations:

(1) Ordinary steel bars with diameter below 18 mm can be installed with fast gears.

(2) Mid -speed gears can be used when the diameter is 18 to 24 mm.

(3) Slow gears must be used in diameter above 25 mm.

7. When the turntable falls, Fang Xu will fall back after the previous steering stops. When dialing the switch, you must stop the parking in the middle, and you must not immediately dial the direction file. During the operation, the card trembling was found, and the motor fever exceeded the brand -name regulations, and the parking should be disconnected immediately.

8. In the rotation radius of the curved reinforced bars, the stood with the body without fixing a fixed head. The curved semi -finished products should be neatly coded, and the hooks are generally not up.

9. For long steel bars, special persons should help the steel bars. The assistants should be promoted and retreat according to the operator's command, and they must not be pushed arbitrarily.

10. After the work, the workplace and the fuselage should be cleaned up. The rusty application manual drum (leather tiger) in the sewing pit should be blown away.

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