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What are the safety operating procedures for portable rebar bender machines

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The price of the rebar bending machine has been unanimously approved by everyone in the market. The machine has high working efficiency, greatly reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency. Portable rebar bender machines play an important role in the rebar industry. So what safety operations should you pay attention to when operating a portable rebar bender machines?

1. In order to ensure work efficiency and safety, we should strictly abide by the operating procedures to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by improper operation. Before starting the steel bar bending machine, ensure that all components are in the normal working range to reduce the occurrence of failures.

2. During the operation of the steel bar bending machine, it is forbidden to extend the hands and other parts of the body into the equipment. When bending the hoop, there should be a special person to support the hoop, and it is strictly forbidden to drag and pull hard so as not to affect the normal processing effect.

3. It is strictly forbidden to replace the mandrel, forming shaft, adjusting speed, etc. when the steel bar bending machine is bending the hoop steel bar. The power supply should be cut off at the end of production to replace the parts, so as to ensure safety and security, and the steel bar should be cleaned and maintained in time after the end of production. Bending machine to improve work efficiency.

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