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You'd Better Use The Handheld Rebar Reinforced Cutting Machine To Use It in The Live Environment

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How to use the handheld rebar reinforced cutting machine

(1) The oil in the new machine oil pump is full, and can be used by power.

(2) Before use, check and confirm that the cutting knife is not cracking, and the blade bolt is fastened.

(3) Before cutting the material, fix the material with a positioning screw. Make the knife shaft and the cut material 90 ° and confirm that the material is placed at the bottom of the cut slot. If the method of placing the reinforcement is not right, it is easy to cause the knife to collapse and damage the machinery.

(4) Do not cut the diameter and intensity of the steel bars and burnt reinforced steels specified in the mechanical nameplate (5) Use the machine to cut off about 80 times in a row. When the pump is too hot, please use it and continue to use it after cooling. Use this machine in winter, please continue to hold the motor switch for 30 seconds, and use the hydraulic oil before using it.

(6) Regularly replace the blade, which can be used in 4 sides of a blade, and can be cut off about 1,000 times on each side.

(7) Frequent cleaning motors to replace the directioner. Generally, the carbon brush length is left to 6mm to replace the carbon brush.  

The application of handheld rebar reinforced cutting machine

It is used for the fixed -cutting of steel bars in projects, bridges, tunnels, power stations, and large water conservancy projects. Compared with other cutting equipment, the reinforced cutter has the characteristics of light weight, less energy consumption, reliable work, and high efficiency. The cutting process is produced without dust, which avoids the problem of hidden safety hazards using workers.

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