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Portable rebar bender should avoid running for too long in actual work

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In the construction site, the use of portable rebar bender is very important. Generally speaking, this equipment is handled by professionals. If there are more steel bars to be processed, it must be arranged by professionals.

When the work is busy, it is necessary to continuously pull the coiled steel bars into the machine from the right side of rebar straightening machine, and straighten the bent steel bars, and then use portable rebar bender to process the straightened steel bars into stirrups, waiting for cranes to transport them to the building's real estate and use them. Straightening is a relatively large project. If the quantity is large, it is possible to process a thousand finished products every day.

In this case, rebar straightening machine needs to be operated continuously, and overload may occur. In fact, this is usually not the case, but if you work 24 hours a day, the machine will inevitably encounter problems and shorten its service life. Therefore, during normal operation, the staff needs to let the machine "normally" relax during a break, otherwise the gain will not be worth the loss.

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