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The scope of use of the portable rebar bending machine

In general, the portable rebar bending machine is mainly used in the bending, straightening and shaping of the steel bar at the pile head of the road and bridge building. Specifically, highways, railways, highways, high-speed railways, standardized construction, bridge reinforcement cages, pier rei

2023 01-17
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About hydraulic rebar cutting machine

The fast cutting effect of the hydraulic rebar cutting machine only needs 3 seconds to complete the cutting operation of steel bars, and various models are suitable for cutting steel bars of different diameters.The power source of hydraulic tools - electric hydraulic steel bar cutting machine, simp

2023 01-09
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Advantages of handheld rebar bending machine

1) The overall structure is simple and the operation is convenient. Good stability and high reliability, ensure the quality of steel bar bending and improve work efficiency; 2) It is suitable for on-site operations such as the parts that are difficult to reach by ordinary bending machines after stee

2023 01-05

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