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Advantages of portable rebar cutter

1. Turned the length of the object.2. Good lubrication, use a box -type closed structure, and refuel for more than a month.3. Small functional loss, no dust generated during the operation, safer4. Under the volume, light weight, easy to carry.

2023 06-01
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The method of improving the work efficiency of hydraulic rebar bender

1. Before the bending machine is processed, the machine can be carried out for a few minutes before inserting the tiring end of the reinforced bars into the fixed gap of the turntable.2. Before using hydraulic rebar bender(加粗,链接至), check whether the mechanical performance is good, and the tabletop t

2023 05-25
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Operating regulations of portable rebar bender

1. Check whether the mechanical properties are good and the tables and curved countertops are kept horizontally; and various core axis tool gear is prepared.2. Install the core shaft according to the diameter of the processing steel bars and the requirements of the bending machine, forming a shaft,

2023 05-18

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