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    • Our commitment:

    •  Management is implemented in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
    •  All products have passed rigorous factory test to ensure high quality before ship.
    •  Product warranty terms are strictly enforced.
    •  Professional, timely, thoughtful and dedicated services are offered.
    •  Favorable and complete original accessories are supplied.
    •  24/7/365 Customer Service Center provides fast and effective responses to customers' service demands.

Technical Services Include:
  • Service maintenance and technical support of customers.
  • Tool repair guidance and technical support.
  • Technical consultations and training online.
Product warranty regulations:
Warranty period:
The company only provides free repairs to failures caused by quality problems. Under normal using condition, the product warranty period is within three months from the date of purchase.
The following situations occur during the warranty period, which are not covered by the warranty:
(1) Anything that does not have a valid legal document (invoice) to prove the date of purchase.
(2) Wearable parts such as seal ring, carbon brush, blade, etc. are not covered by the warranty.
(3) Any stator and rotor burnout damage caused by natural wear, rotor commutator diameter wear greater than or equal to 0.2mm, or overload work.
(4) Any damage caused by using of low-cost & inferior accessories, or improper carrying, transportation & storage.
(5) Any damage caused by misuse, beyond the scope of use of the tool, and not used and maintained in accordance with the instructions.
Note: The company reserves the right to modify the above regulations and has the final right to interpret the warranty service without violating national laws and regulations.

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