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Effective ways to improve the working efficiency of the split rebar bending machine

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The split rebar bending machine is a further improvement and upgrade of the rebar processing machinery and equipment. Its appearance not only improves the processing efficiency of rebar, but also brings a lot of convenience to our daily production and life. Although the application of split-type steel bar bending machines is becoming more and more extensive, due to improper operation methods, its advantages cannot be fully utilized in many cases. So, what methods can be used to effectively improve the operation efficiency of the split rebar bending machine?

In order to improve the working efficiency of the split steel bar bending machine, it should be properly operated as follows:

1. Before processing, the machine should be idling for a few minutes before inserting the bent end of the steel bar into the fixed gap of the turntable.

2. Before using the split rebar bending machine, check whether the mechanical properties are good, and the workbench and the bending machine table should be kept level.

3. Check whether the stopper and turntable of the mandrel are damaged. If there is a problem, deal with it in time.

4. When processing steel bars, it is forbidden to change the diameter, number and speed of steel bars.

5. Prepare various mandrel tool blocks, install the mandrel forming shaft, iron block shaft or variable block according to the diameter of the processing steel bar and the requirements of the hoop bending machine. The diameter of the mandrel should be 2.5 times the diameter of the steel bar. Check The mandrel block and turntable should be free of damage and cracks, and the operation can only be done after the empty machine is confirmed to be normal.

6. During processing, insert the bent end of the steel bar into the gap provided by the turntable, and fix the other end against the machine body and press it by hand. Check the fixation of the machine body to ensure that it is installed on the side that blocks the steel bar before it can be started. When bending steel bars, it is strictly forbidden to process more than the diameter, number and mechanical speed of steel bars specified by the machine.

7. When bending high-hardness or low-alloy steel bars, the maximum limit diameter should be changed according to the mechanical nameplate, and the corresponding mandrel should be replaced. It is strictly forbidden to stand within the working radius of the bending steel bars and on the side where the machine body is not fixed.

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