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How to operate portable rebar bending machine correctly

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When we operate portable rebar bending machine, put one end of rebar that needs to be cut between the mandrel and the forming shaft of the working plate, and slowly start portable rebar bending machine to make the working plate rotate slowly. When the working plate rotates to a suitable When it is in position, the forming shaft also rotates slowly along with it.

When portable rebar bending machine reaches a certain radian, because one end of rebar is blocked by the iron stop shaft and cannot move freely, the forming shaft forces rebar to bend around the mandrel to a corresponding angle. If the work plate continues to rotate, the forming shaft will follow the rotation. Use the reverse switch of the rebar bending machine to reversely convert the working plate, and the forming shaft returns to the starting position and discharges the material. At this time, the bending of a rebar ends.

The bending radius of steel bars of different diameters is generally different. In order to bend rebars of various diameters, change the mandrels of different diameters in the middle hole of the working plate, and select the position of the forming shaft on the working plate and the position of the stopper shaft. The general steel bending machine is very versatile, the structure is very simple, and the operation is convenient. It can bend rebar directionally into various shapes and required angles.

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