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Use of portable reinforced rebar cutting machine

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(1) When cutting low alloy steel, high -hardness cutting should be replaced.

(2) When cutting the short material, the distance between the hand and the cutting knife should be kept above 150mm. If the hand grip is less than 400mm, the tube or fixture should be pressed or clamped with the short head of the steel bar.

(3) During operation, it is strictly forbidden to remove the broken and miscellaneous objects near the cutting knife with your hands. Around the reinforcement swing and around the knife, non -operators are not allowed.

(4) When the mechanical operation is abnormal, an abnormal noise or a knife is skewed, it should be stopped immediately.

(5) After the operation, the power should be cut off, remove the debris between the cutting knife with a steel brush to clean and lubricate the whole machine.

(6) Before the operation of hydraulic transmission cutting machine, check and confirm that the hydraulic oil level and the rotation direction of the motor meet the requirements. After starting, it should be carried out of the air, loosen the oil valve, and the air in the hydraulic cylinder should be cut before cutting.

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