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Working principle of electric handhold rebar cutter

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Electric tools for cutting reinforced bars. Use the principle of leverage to perform operations. Electric reinforced cutting machine is a type of automatic cutting machine. The reinforced cutter is generally automatic and semi -automatic. That is, electric control and manual control.

 Working principle

Hydraulic reinforced cutter is the latest high -precision hydraulic cutting tool. It is easy to carry, beautiful appearance, high shear efficiency, and small force area. It is an ideal tool for construction, factories, mines and other units. 

When cutting steel, first turn off the oil circuit switch to move the movement handle, so that the plunger and pump started to work, so that the oil pressure pushes the piston to promote the blade, and the cutting materials will be The material of the class must not be cut with this.


Although they are all electric reinforced cutters, they can currently be divided into: charging reinforced cutting machines, plug -in reinforced cutters, and traditional reinforced cutters (although it is currently more popular, but the market prospects are not good. Slowly is replaced by portable electric reinforced cutters.


1. Practical electric reinforced cutter cutting machine adjusts the adjustable motor in diameter to the diameter of the cutting of the reinforced reinforced diameter, so that the reinforcement to form a right angle of the cutting block.

2. Cleak the reinforcement and connect the switch.

3. Pistons are forward, and reinforced bars are cut off. Please connect the switch to make the piston reach the top. If you do not go to the top once, the piston will not return.

4. After reaching the top, disconnect the switch, and the piston returns.

5. The piston of the piston of the piston of the piston is completely returned to the original place, otherwise the switch is not moved. This is because the valve is on, and the next time the hydraulic pressure does not come.

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