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Matters needing attention when using portable rebar cutting machine (2)

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1. Please use portable rebar cutting machine wisely. If it is accidentally dropped or collided, the outer frame may be deformed, or cracked or damaged. Therefore, please pay attention to if there is a collision or collision, please fully check before use and confirm the safety before use. use. When it is confirmed that there is an abnormality, please repair it immediately.

2. Grasp the wire to carry portable rebar cutting machine  or pull the wire to unplug it from the socket, which will damage the wire and cause disconnection or short circuit. At the same time, please be careful not to make the lead wire come into contact with blades, high temperature objects, chemicals, etc. When the wire is damaged, immediately terminate the operation and take it for repair.

3. The wind window of the machine is a necessary part of cooling the motor, please do not block it due to dust. If it is blocked, it will burn out due to high temperature.

4. Please always pay attention to cleaning the machine and keep it in a good condition. Especially the dust on the motor part and the switch part should be wiped after each use, and clean up in time when it is very dirty. In addition, please clean the wire at any time to prevent it from deteriorating due to oil or oily substances.

5. Please always pay attention to the maintenance of the blade, so that it is always used in good condition.

6. Please keep the steel bar cutting machine and accessories in the following places:

Places out of the reach of children, or locked places

A place where the temperature and humidity do not change drastically.

A place where there is no rain or moisture.

Places out of direct sunlight.

There is no place where volatile substances may catch fire or explode.


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