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About hydraulic rebar cutting machine

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The fast cutting effect of the hydraulic rebar cutting machine  only needs 3 seconds to complete the cutting operation of steel bars, and various models are suitable for cutting steel bars of different diameters.

The power source of hydraulic tools - electric hydraulic steel bar cutting machine, simple operation, safe and reliable, no sparks, no dust, easy operation with various hydraulic tools, small size, light weight, safety, reliability, high efficiency, simple and effortless operation, widely used Used in railways, factories, construction sites and other places, the factory directly sells 16-type, 20-type, 22-type, 25-type and other steel cutting machines to meet the steel cutting needs of most customers.

The structural composition of the hydraulic steel bar cutting machine includes: comfortable handle, switch, multi-screw ring distribution, core motor, and high-strength cutter head.

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