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Analysis of five major parts of rebar straightening machine

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Rebars are the most frequently used auxiliary materials in the construction industry. In construction projects, steel bars will inevitably be straightened, bent, cut and other operations. At this time, the introduction of rebar straightening machines has raised the field of steel bar processing to a new level. angle.

1. Change the line part

It can realize automatic pay-off without hoisting, and should be installed about 6~8 meters away from the front end of the rebar straightening machines to ensure that there is enough tension and length margin in the process of steel bar straightening.

2. Presetting part

Mainly rely on 5 sets of vertical straightening wheels to complete the stress relief treatment of the wire supplied from the material rack, so as to achieve the rust removal on the surface of the wire. The wire guide bushing device is installed, which is generally the pre-adjustment work of tightening and stress relief.

3. Straightening cylinder part

Mainly rely on 5 sets of symmetrical curve straightening wheels and the rotation of the straightening cylinder to supply the wire rod under the action of the hyperbola to completely eliminate the stress and promote the running of the wire rod. The straightness of the wire rod can be adjusted at will by the forward and backward movement of the left and right wires of the straightening wheel bracket. Spend.

4. Traction feeding part

There are mainly one set of active feeding box and one set of passive feeding box. The sprocket and chain driving the passive box are assembled behind the worm gear shaft of the active box, so as to drive the passive box behind to complete the whole feeding work before and after straightening.

5. Cut off the part

The hydraulic pump station is mainly driven by a motor to generate hydraulic power, and the wire is cut off during operation, and the instantaneous resistance during cutting pushes the movable trolley forward to form a follow-knife motion. When the piston rod drives the lower knife to return, the wire supply eliminates the resistance. At this time, the movable trolley is pulled back to the original position by the wire rope under the action of the heavy weight, and returns to the initial state to be cut.

Analysis of five major parts of rebar straightening machine

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