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Application range of handheld rebar bender

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Portable rebar bender is widely used, the main application range:

1. Complete the bending of the poured or bound steel bars in the vertical direction, such as when the building is capped, the pillars, the main reinforcement of the shear wall are bent, the main reinforcement of the head of the reinforcement cage is bent, and the main reinforcement is straightened after the pile foundation is broken.

2. Save manpower and material resources and improve efficiency! In the field of housing construction, shear wall capping, column capping;

3. In the field of bridge pile foundation, the hook of the head cage at the connection between the reinforcement cage and the bearing platform is 180 degrees;

4. It is used for the fixed-length cutting of steel bars in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy projects, etc.

Bening in construction sites

Compared with other cutting equipment, the steel bar cutting machine has the characteristics of light weight, low energy consumption, reliable operation and high efficiency. Therefore, it has been gradually adopted by mechanical processing and small rolling mills in recent years, and has played an important role in various fields of national economic construction.

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