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Bending angle of portable rebar bender

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Bending max. angle (°): 120

4-32mm portable rebar bender & straightening machine max. 1600W HRB series

Rebar bending is a harrowing task especially when done manually for extended periods of time. The repeated trauma on the musculoskeletal system caused by manual rebar bending can potentially lead to serious injuries in the future. Using Prosharp max. 1600W Heavy Duty 4-32mm Rebar bender HRB series for this laborious task will trump the use of a blow torch or manual rebar benders every time. Rebar is a foundation feature in almost every structural project, so HRB series rebar bender is certainly an important tool to to invest in.

For higher efficiency, Prosharp Tool professional design team has developed a matched rebar straightening head equipped if neccessary, which can be owned at an ultra-low cost. When operating on site, it can be quickly converted into a rebar straightening machine by a quick replacement. Portable, small size, light weight, multi-purpose, more efficient.

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