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How to avoid failure of portable rebar bender in high temperature weather in summer

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Is there anything we need to pay attention to when using a portable rebar bender machine in high temperature weather? What measures should be taken to avoid the occurrence of some steel bar processing equipment failures? Next, we will introduce to you what we should pay attention to.

 1. In the summer, it is best to do a comprehensive maintenance of the steel bar processing equipment, and focus on the maintenance of the equipment and components that are prone to high temperature failures. Maintain, repair or replace as necessary.

 2. For steel processing machinery working in high temperature areas, properly replace aging wires, plugs, and hoses, check and clean up oil and dust on machinery and equipment, and ensure that machinery and equipment are lightly loaded and have good heat dissipation.

 3. The machine should be parked in a cool place as much as possible to avoid sunlight exposure.

 4. Pay attention to the damage of rainwater and dust to steel bar processing equipment. It is best to replace all kinds of filter elements regularly. The hydraulic system radiator should be cleaned regularly so that it can maintain good cooling effect. Avoid prolonged overload work. It is strictly forbidden to use water to cool down if the brakes are overheated.

5. Check whether the steel structure, transmission box, and other components of the equipment are flexible and whether there are small cracks to prevent increased damage caused by high temperature in summer. If rusted parts are found, rust should be removed, repaired, and painted in time, so as to avoid excessive rain in summer and lead to intensified rust. .


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