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Installation and debugging guide of handheld rebar cutting machine

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1. Before installing the cutting machine, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether all the parts of the machine are complete and whether the placement is reliable.

2. If the cutting machine is placed against the wall or installed in other buildings, a distance of about one meter should be left to facilitate the maintenance of the cutting machine.

3. A relatively wide area for raw materials and finished products should be reserved around the cutting machine.

4. There is an area reserved for convenient and sufficient sites for stacking and transporting finished products.

5. When the cutting machine is installed, it should be ensured that the feed is on a horizontal line during the cutting process. The blanking rack should be on the same center line, and it should be about 5cm below the center line. The blanking support frame is close to the body and is fixed with expansion bolts. In this way, the operation process is relatively safe, and there will be no failures.

6. The electrical control cabinet should be installed on the ground about 1.5 meters away from the host.

7. The straight-line distance between the material and the cutting machine must be more than 6 meters, so as to ensure that the steel bar has enough stretching space, so that the processing of the steel bar will not be affected.

8. During the whole process of installing the switching power supply, the cutting machine must install a gas control switch with a leakage protector of not less than 65 amps separately, and should use a national standard cable higher than 6 square meters to connect the electrical control cabinet. The steel bar cutting machine shall be installed with qualified protection lines in accordance with the marked parts of the machinery and equipment.


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