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Introduction to cordless hydraulic rebar cutter

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Handheld cordless hydraulic rebar cutter with high hardness shear blade, ultra -high -pressure hydraulic pump, miniature motor, large-capacity battery, high integration, built -in battery hydraulic pump, simple and easy to use, weight is only 6.5 kg. It is suitable for the steel bars within 20mm, and the power is strong.

Cutting range: reinforced, steel pipes, cables

Application field: fire, transportation, maritime, mining


360 ° of fuselage can rotate freely

Evergreen reinforced cutting machine. Can carry with you

1. Cutting range: reinforced, steel pipes, cables

2. Cutting force: 120.5kn (12.5T)

3. Cutting time: 4-6 seconds

4. Normal cutting diameter: 16mm

5. Maximum cutting diameter: 19mm

6. Minimum reinforced cutting diameter: 4mm

7. Cutable reinforcement hardness: D16 is equivalent to SD345

8. Dimensions: 430*400*150mm

9. Machine size: 360*250*100mm

10. Weight: 5.6kg

11. Voltage: 18V

12. Air load power: 140

 Standard configuration:

1. 1 instruction manual

2. 1 charger

3. 2 pieces of battery

4. 1 packing box

Features of cordless hydraulic rebar cutter

Convenient electric hydraulic reinforced cutting machines are easy to use, light weight, low noise, small volume, easy to carry and easy operation, without sparks, dust, no odor, and ensure the safety of operators during the cutting process.

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