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Breaking Tool Cordless Rebar Cutter

The reinforcement factor of the broken disassembly tool is used for the fixed-length cutting of reinforcement in various construction projects such as house buildings, bridges, tunnels, power stations, and large water conservancy projects. Compared to other cutting equipment, the reinforced cutter i

2023 12-19
What are the types of cordless hydraulic rebar cutter?

What are the types of cordless hydraulic rebar cutters?Cordless hydraulic rebar cutters are a type of mechanical device commonly used on construction sites. They have a wide range of applications and are widely used in the engineering construction industry. These machines not only improve work effic

2023 12-05
Introduction to cordless hydraulic rebar cutter

Handheld reinforced fractor portable charging tool with high hardness shear blade, ultra -high -pressure hydraulic pump, miniature motor, large -capacity battery, high integration, built -in battery hydraulic pump, simple and easy to use, weight is only 6.5 kg. It is suitable for the steel bars with

2023 12-06

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