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Maintenance method of hydraulic rebar cutter

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1. Correct use and maintenance of equipment are the necessary links of management. It is a series of maintenance work on the equipment based on the technical data and parameters requirements and maintenance rules of the operator and professionals. It is also an objective requirement for the equipment itself.

2. Maintenance work includes: daily maintenance (one guarantee), lubrication and regular refueling, preventive testing, regular adjustment accuracy and equipment of equipment. The good preparation of maintenance directly affects the operation of the equipment, the quality of the product, and the production efficiency of the enterprise.

3. By conducting daily inspections of the technical conditions of the equipment through the sense of facial features, you must discover the trap in time, take countermeasures, and minimize the loss of the failure.

4. Adopt the main operator and the maintenance method of maintenance workers. During the use of the transportation process, due to the absence, corrosion, burning, deformation of certain parts and components, affect the accuracy, performance and performance and performance of the equipment. Production efficiency, correct operation and careful maintenance can reduce damage and extend the service life of the equipment.

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