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Performance and classification of rebar processing machinery

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As the skeleton of concrete, reinforced concrete has become the main material with a wide range of uses and a large amount in building structures. Before the concrete is poured, the reinforcement must be made into a skeleton of a certain size and form to be incorporated into the formwork. To make a steel skeleton, it is necessary to strengthen, stretch, straighten, cut, bend and connect the steel before it can be bundled and formed. Due to the huge amount of Rebars, manual operations are difficult to complete, and various special machines are required for processing. Such machines are called Rebar processing machines, or Rebar machines for short.

Rebar processing machinery is to process wire rods and straight Rebars into length dimensions, bending shapes or installation components required for the installation and construction of rebar projects, mainly including strengthening, straightening, bending hoop, cutting, bending, component forming and Rebar connection. Reinforcement components include reinforcement cages, reinforcement trusses (such as triangular beams, wall panels, columns, girders, etc.), reinforcement meshes, etc.

Rebar processing machinery can be divided into four categories according to its processing technology. There are many types of Rebar processing machinery, which can be divided into four categories according to their processing technology: strengthening, forming, welding, and prestressing:

1. Steel reinforcement machinery: mainly including steel cold drawing machine, steel cold drawing machine, steel cold rolling and twisting machine, cold rolling ribbed Rebar forming machine, etc. The processing principle is that by applying a force exceeding its yield point to the Rebar, the Rebar will deform in different forms, thereby increasing the strength and hardness of the Rebar and reducing the plastic deformation.

2. Rebar forming machinery: Rebar straightening and cutting machine, Rebar cutting machine, Rebar bending machine, steel mesh sheet forming machine, etc. Their function is to process and form the raw steel reinforcement and the requirements of the reinforcement skeleton required for the installation of various concrete structures.

3. Rebar welding machinery: mainly include rebar welding machine, rebar spot welding machine, rebar mesh forming machine, rebar electroslag pressure welding machine, etc., which are used for welding in rebar forming.

4. Rebar prestressing machine: mainly include electric oil pump and jack and other components of the stretching machine and heading machine, used for Rebar prestressing operation.

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