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Precautions for the use of portable handheld rebar bender

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Before starting the electric pump, the portable rebar bender needs to open the air nut and put it in the unloading position. If the temperature of the motor is found to be too high during use, stop using it. Use it after cooling down by itself. The pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and it should not be arbitrarily high-profile. When the new adjustment is made, it must be done with the help of a pressure gauge. The high-pressure oil pipe is shipped from the factory and has passed the 105MPA test. However, because the hose is easy to age, the user needs to check it frequently, and the frequent use is three months. 87.5MPA pressure test during inspection, if there is damage, bulge or leakage, it cannot be used. Bearings are generally cleaned once every six months, and grease needs to be added.

When the portable rebar bender is doing the test, the user needs to read the bending angle of the steel bar by himself according to the scale of the instrument panel during the operation, and when the bending angle reaches the user's requirement, manually press the stop button. rebar bender, touch screen operation, one-button automatic test. When the user bends the steel bar, he only needs to input the bending angle into the screen, and the instrument will automatically complete and stop automatically. And this instrument has forward bend and reverse bend options. When the user switches between the forward and reverse bending of the steel bar, there is no need to perform any installation and adjustment on the work plate, which is simple and safe. The advantages of the rebar bender are very obvious. Not only is it easy to operate, but the test process can be fully automated, the bending angle is accurate, and human errors are reduced. This type of steel bending machine takes about 20 minutes to do a bending test. As mentioned in the previous point, the experimenter needs to keep an eye on the test process during this process.

It is used for the straightening treatment of high-grade steel bars in special parts, which avoids the potential safety and quality risks in engineering construction, and greatly improves the construction efficiency. Convenience, longevity and stable function. In particular, thickened high-rigidity discs and bars are selected, and high-power and medium-speed national standard excellent motors are more stable. It is convenient to use with extra eccentric sleeves, ultra-high hardness accessories, and test baffles, and the service life is longer.

Precautions for portable rebar bender: When bending steel, first close the oil circuit switch, pull the movable handle, make the plunger and pump start to work, and make the pressure push the big piston to advance the cutter shaft. The oil pump uses 46 hydraulic oil. The oil storage capacity must be within the scale above the oil window. Every time you refuel and change the oil, it must be filtered with an oil filter screen of more than 80 meshes, and the oil tank must be cleaned when replacing. The operating oil temperature is 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

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