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Rebar Cutting Machine Quotes

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Comparison of cutting machines at home and abroad: Due to the low technical content of cutting machines, easy imitation, and low profits, manufacturers have basically maintained the status quo for decades and have not developed rapidly. Compared with foreign counterparts, there are specific gaps in the following aspects.

1) The eccentricity of the eccentric shaft of the foreign cutting machine is larger, such as the eccentricity of the Japanese vertical cutting machine is 24mm, while the domestic is generally 17mm. It seems to save materials and the gear structure is relatively small, but it brings trouble to users and is not easy to manage. Because when cutting large materials to small materials, it is not necessary to change the shim or the blade, and sometimes it is necessary to change the angle.

2) The frames of foreign cutting machines are all welded steel plates, and the machining accuracy and roughness of parts and components, especially the heat treatment process, are excellent, so that the cutting machines are more resistant to overload, fatigue failure, and wear than domestic machines.

3) The blade design of the domestic cutting machine is unreasonable, the single-bolt is fixed, and the thickness of the blade is thin enough. The thickness of the 40-type and 50-type blades is both 17mm; while the foreign countries are all fixed with double-bolts, 25-27mm thick, so the foreign blade is under the force and The comprehensive performance such as lifespan is superior to the domestic one.

4) The domestic cutting machine has less cutting times per minute. In China, it is generally 28 to 31 times, and abroad is 15 to 20 times higher, and the maximum is 30 times higher, and the work efficiency is high.

5) Foreign models generally adopt a semi-open structure, the gears and bearings are lubricated with grease, and the crankshaft diameter, connecting rod bush, punching knife seat, and rotating body are lubricated with manual thin oil. The domestic models have three types of structures: fully open, fully closed, half-open and half-closed, and two types of lubrication methods: concentrated thin oil lubrication and splash lubrication.

6) The appearance quality and overall performance of domestic cutting machines are not satisfactory; foreign manufacturers are generally large-scale production, willing to invest in technical equipment, and have a high level of automated production, forming a complete quality assurance processing system.

In particular, the quality of the appearance is kept improving. The outer cover is stamped and formed at one time, and the paint is treated by baking paint spraying. Although some domestic manufacturers have a long production history, none of them have formed a scale. In addition, the equipment is aging, the processing process requires physical strength and experience, and the production process has been consistent for decades, so the appearance quality is rough and the look and feel is poor.


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