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The scope of use of the portable rebar bending machine

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In general, the portable rebar bending machine  is mainly used in the bending, straightening and shaping of the steel bar at the pile head of the road and bridge building. Specifically, highways, railways, highways, high-speed railways, standardized construction, bridge reinforcement cages, pier reinforcement bending, high-speed rail concrete pier reinforcement bending, the bending of the pile head reinforcement of the poured pile foundation on the top of the house construction, and the bending of the reinforcement at the construction site. type, the top steel bars such as seismic walls are bent and close together, the bending and straightening of the basement anchors in civil construction, the bending of large-scale foundation pit anchors, and the bending of soil nail walls. In addition, for rebar processing plants, portable rebar bending machines are often used in prefabrication plants.

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