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What are the main points of maintaining rebar cutting machine

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As a unique construction engineering equipment, rebar cutting machine must be carefully interpreted in the user manual before application, and the key points of operating the mechanical equipment must be mastered: Do not blindly connect to the power supply, and start it rashly without the premise of no purpose. , debugging, to prevent damage to the cutting machine machinery and equipment. When the equipment leaves the factory, the merchant generally promises to help the customer to install and debug the equipment, but as a consumer, it is still very necessary to read the instruction manual carefully.

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According to the instruction manual, we learned that the main points of using the steel bar cutting machine are as follows.

I. Before the equipment is used, it is necessary to check whether all the tools are installed reliably, and whether there are foreign objects in each traditional system and the parts that need to be moved?

II. Check the direct clearance of the tool. According to the specification, this gap is between 0.5 and one millimeter. If the gap is too large, it will cause burrs on the surface of the processed steel bars;

III. When using the cutting machine to cut the steel bar, the operator should pay attention to only hold the steel bar with the left hand, so as to avoid the broken pieces of the steel bar jumping out and hurting people.

After the work is completed every day, it is necessary to develop the habit of cleaning the cutting tool in time. It is necessary to remind the operator that the winter cutting machine uses ZG-2 lubricating oil. This type of lubricating oil is thinner and more suitable for winter use. In summer, it is best to use ZG-4 grease. This type of lubricating oil is more viscous and more suitable for summer use.

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