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What are the types of cordless hydraulic rebar cutter?

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Cordless hydraulic rebar cutters are a type of mechanical device commonly used on construction sites. They have a wide range of applications and are widely used in the engineering construction industry. These machines not only improve work efficiency but also reduce the risk of accidents when operating machinery. In this article, we will explore the different types of cordless hydraulic rebar cutters available.

Types of charging reinforced cutting machine

1. Celery

Title: Types of Cordless Hydraulic Rebar Cutters: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Cordless hydraulic rebar cutters are essential tools in the construction industry, offering convenience and efficiency. In this article, we will explore the different types of cordless hydraulic rebar cutters available in the market, highlighting their features and applications.

Horizontal Reinforced Cutter: The horizontal reinforced cutter is a popular choice due to its simple structure and ease of use. It consists of an electric motor, transmission system, deceleration mechanism, crankshaft mechanism, body, and cutting knife. This type of cutter is suitable for cutting 6-40mm common carbon steel bars.

Working Principle: The cutter is driven by a motor, and the eccentric axis is driven by the V-belt wheel and cylindrical gear for deceleration. The eccentric axis has connecting rods that drive the slider and the moving blade, enabling them to perform reciprocating movements. The cutting angle is 3°, with a rear angle of 12°. The distance between the blade and the moving blade is maintained at 0.5-1mm. To minimize the swing of steel bars, there are two blocking racks on the seats on both sides of the knife mouth.

Conclusion: The horizontal reinforced cutter offers a reliable and efficient solution for cutting common carbon steel bars. Its straightforward design and user-friendly features make it a popular choice among construction professionals. Stay tuned for more information on other types of cordless hydraulic rebar cutters in our upcoming articles.

2. Vice

Construction: The vertical reinforced cutting machine is used for fixed use on the steel processing production line of the component prefabricated plant. Working principle: The motor power is used to reduce the eccentric axis through a pair of wheel drive fly wheel shaft through a pair of wheel drive flywheel axes, and then decelerate the three -level gear. The clutch is controlled by the handle to control the combination and separation, and manipulate the upper and lower motion of the doped blade. The embarrassment device is rotating by the hand wheel, which drives a pair of oblique gear with internal reminder thread to move the screw up and down, and press the steel bars with different diameter.

3. Portable

Portable charging reinforced steel cutting machine is more flexible than plug -in reinforced cutting machines and can be used anytime, anywhere, so it is currently widely used. Jietuo Electromechanical Professional manufacturing production machinery processing machinery. Two types, the maximum cutting steel bar diameter is 20mm, and it can be used for 2 hours at a time. It has the characteristics of light weight and small size, and the operation process is simple and safe.

Through the above introduction, a new understanding of the charging reinforced cutting machine has a new understanding. If you read the instructions carefully before using, the correct use of mechanical equipment can effectively extend the service life of the machine.

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