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Correct operation of portable hydraulic rebar cutter to improve cutting efficiency

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A large number of rebars will be used in the construction process, and the application of these rebars to construction projects requires a lot of rebar specifications of different lengths. At this time, a portable hydraulic rebar cutter is used, which can straighten the coiled or threaded rebars. and cut off as required. How to operate the cutting machine correctly is the key point to improve the cutting efficiency of rebars. In order to make the rebar straightening and cutting machine achieve good efficiency, we need to pay attention to the following points when operating:

1. No sundries or materials can be placed on portable hydraulic rebar cutter to prevent the vibration generated during the operation of the machine from causing objects to fall into the machine. After feeding the rebar into the pressing roller, you should immediately release your hands and keep a certain distance from the machine. Do not wear gloves during operation to avoid accidents.

2. Straightening is to straighten the rebars through the upper and lower rows of pressing wheels. If the effect of straightening the rebars cannot be achieved, you can adjust the offset of the pressing rollers by adjusting the upper adjusting wheel until the straightened Reinforcement can achieve satisfactory results.

3. After processing a certain number of rebars, measure whether the length is correct, and adjust appropriately if there is any deviation. The current rebar straightening and cutting machine adopts digital control, and the cutting length can be said to be zero error.

4. Maintenance is also the focus of use. Good maintenance can keep the machine in good accuracy and running state for a long time. Therefore, we should regularly carry out related maintenance on the machine.

It should be operated according to the correct method during use, so as to ensure the safety of operation, and also improve the efficiency of rebar straightening and cutting.

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