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What Are The Characteristics of Handheld Rebar Cutting Machine?

1. Turned the length of the object.2. High work efficiency, high power, use motor and reducer transmission greatly reduce the use of noise3. The size is small and light, and the structure is compact and reliable.4. Good lubrication, use a box -type closed structure, the gear splashing and lubricatio

2023 12-21
You'd Better Use The Handheld Rebar Reinforced Cutting Machine To Use It in The Live Environment

How to use the handheld rebar reinforced cutting machine(1) The oil in the new machine oil pump is full, and can be used by power.(2) Before use, check and confirm that the cutting knife is not cracking, and the blade bolt is fastened.(3) Before cutting the material, fix the material with a position

2023 12-20

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