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Precautions I when using portable rebar cutters

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1. Do not use rebar cutter for purposes other than those described in the instruction manual.

2. Please follow the instructions for correct operation and safe operation. Do not let children, people who do not understand the correct use and people who do not operate the cutting machine use it. At the same time, for professional users and production operators, please use it after receiving the use knowledge and related operation training. Anyone who has not used the knowledge and training is prohibited from using the steel cutting machine to perform operations.

3. Because moisture will reduce the insulation of the motor and cause electric shock, please do not cut rebar in the rain, damp places, places with water, or places where water or oil is easy to enter the machine.

4. In order to prevent electric shock accidents, please use the power supply through the leakage circuit breaker. In addition, in addition to double insulation, please be sure to install the correct grounding "ground wire".

5. When using it on the outer frame of pipes, heating appliances, microwave ovens, water tanks, etc., please do not let your body touch objects that are grounded "ground wires".

6. Please fully keep the workbench and workplace bright, and always pay attention to clean up and rectify. Scattered places will become the cause of accidents.

7. Rectification sparks may occur during the use of rebar cutter, and sparks may also occur when the switch is opened and closed. Therefore, there are paints, coatings, volatile oil, gasoline, gas, adhesives and other substances that may cause fire or explosion. It is dangerous to work in the place, please do not use it. At the same time, please stop using it in closed rooms, tunnels and other places with poor ventilation.

8. Except for the operating personnel, other unrelated personnel, especially children, do not approach the workplace, and do not touch power tools and wires.

9. Please wear appropriate clothes for the operation. Do not wear bulky clothes, clothes with open cuffs, towels wrapped around your head, knitted gloves, ties, necklaces and other decorations, etc., which may be involved in the rotation of the machine Part, which is dangerous.

10. For safety, please wear a helmet and safety shoes with rubber soles.

11. To protect your eyes during operation, please use protective goggles. In addition, in dusty places, please use dust masks and dust collectors at the same time.

12. Please use the designated pure parts for the blade, and please use new or as new products without damage or defects. Products other than those specified may cause accidents, please do not use them. In addition, if there is a limit of use, please use it within the scope of use.

13. For the installation of blades and accessories, please use the designated tools in a proper position and use the designated tools to perform correctly. Undertightening or over-tightening are dangerous. At the same time, the cover and screws that are installed have their own important functions, please do not remove them.

14. Before operation, please confirm that the screws are not loose or fall off. If they are loose, please tighten them, and repair them when they fall off.

15. Please put away the screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and other tools used in the installation and inspection of blades and other parts in time. If you forget to remove them, they may fly apart during startup and cause other accidents. Please reconfirm before starting. In addition, rotation fixtures, etc. must also be reconfirmed before light-load operation.

16. Please use the voltage indicated on the label for the power supply. If a voltage exceeding the indicated voltage is used, the rotation of the motor will become abnormally high speed, which may damage the motor, machine body, blades, etc., and cause danger. Conversely, the use of low voltage will also become the cause of motor failure.

17. Before inserting the plug into the power supply, please confirm whether the switch is disconnected to avoid sudden start of the machine.

18. Do not move the machine when the plug is connected to the power source. Even if you don't put your finger on the switch, if clothes or other things hang on the switch and close the switch by mistake, it will cause an accident.

19. Please always pay attention to the soles of your feet and work in a stable posture. Working in an inappropriate state will bring danger.

20. If the machine is found to be in poor condition or abnormal during use, please stop the operation immediately and take it out for inspection and repair.

21. Do not use the machine and accessories outside the scope of its use capacity, and do not perform excessive operations. Improper operation not only causes damage to the machine, but also is dangerous, please avoid it.

22. When the machine is running, please don't touch the blade, rotating parts and cutting chips, and don't put your hands and face close to it.

23. When replacing knives, consumables, parts, cleaning, inspection, and power failure after use, please be sure to turn off the switch and unplug the plug from the power supply.

24. In order to be able to use it frequently and safely and efficiently, please conduct regular inspections. If repairs are required, please do not hand over the machine to a person who does not have repair knowledge and skills. When checking and repairing, please find the store or manufacturer where you purchased it. In addition, be sure to use designated parts when replacing parts.

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