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Safety operation rules for portable electric rebar bender

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When using a portable electric rebar bender, you should always pay attention to safety first. So what are the safety operating procedures for portable electric rebar benders? The following is an introduction to the relevant content for your reference.

1. For mechanical installation, it must be noted that the body of portable electric rebar bender, should be safely grounded, the power supply is not allowed to be directly connected to the button, and an iron shell switch should be installed to control the power supply.

2. Check whether the parts are complete before use, and whether the selected moving gear is in line with the diameter of the steel bar being bent. Whether the tooth gear meshing clearance is appropriate. Check whether the fixed wedge is tight and firm. And check whether the turn of the turntable is consistent with the direction of the reverse switch. And add lubricating grease as required. Check whether the insulated ground wire of electrical equipment is damaged or loose. And after trial operation, it can be operated only if it is qualified.

3. During operation, one end of rebar that needs to be bent should be fixed in the gap of the fixed head of the turntable, and the other end is close to the fixed head of the fuselage. side to start the machine.

4. To replace the fixed head on the turntable, it should be replaced after the operation has stopped.

5. It is strictly forbidden to bend the steel bars and the hooks used for hoisting and hoisting rigging that exceed the diameter specified by the mechanical nameplate. If you bend undrawn or rusted rebars, you must wear protective glasses. When bending non-ordinary steel bars such as low alloy steel, the maximum limit diameter should be converted according to the regulations of the machine nameplate.

6. The installation of the transmission gear should be in accordance with the following provisions:

(1)Ordinary steel bars with a diameter of less than 18 mm can be installed with quick gears.

(2)Medium-speed gears can be used when the diameter is 18-24 mm.

(3)Slow gears must be used for diameters above 25 mm.


7. When the turntable is reversed, it must be reversed only after the previous one has stopped. When flipping the switch, you must wait in the middle stop gear for parking, and do not switch the reverse gear immediately. If the chuck is found to vibrate during operation, and the motor heat exceeds the regulations of the famous brand, it should be powered off immediately and stopped for maintenance.

8. within the rotation radius of the curved steel bar, and the fuselage does not have a fixed head, it is not allowed to stand. The curved semi-finished products should be neatly stacked, and the hooks should not generally be upturned.

9. When bending long steel bars, there should be a special person to help the steel bars. The helpers should advance and retreat according to the operator's command gestures, and should not push them arbitrarily.

10. After the work is completed, the workplace and the fuselage should be cleaned, and the rust in the pit should be blown off with a manual blower (skin tiger), and it is forbidden to dig with fingers.

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