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The working principle of handheld rebar cutter

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The handheld rebar cutter is a small electro-hydraulic tool composed of a single-phase series motor, an ultra-high pressure oil pump and a working device. The development of small hydraulic power tools opens up new avenues.


As shown in Figure 1, the single-phase series excitation motor 7 is used as the power source of the whole machine to drive the oil pump 6. Due to the action of the eccentric shaft, the plunger in the cylinder is pushed out in turn, so that the oil generates pressure and is pushed through the internal pipeline. The piston cutter rod 4 drives the cutter head 2 forward, and 1 is a fixed cutter head. At the end of cutting, the piston upper limit valve 5 hits the limit surface, the valve opens automatically, the oil returns to the oil tank 8, and the compressed return spring 3 resets the cutter bar to prepare for the next working stroke, thus completing the cutting of the steel bar.


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