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3 types of bar bending hand tools

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Since the rebar is a very hard object, although manpower can be bent to a certain extent, it is unrealistic in the production process of construction, the efficiency is extremely low, and the labor consumption is high, so we need a bar bending hand tools for us. Completion of the bending work of various diameters of rebar.

There are different types of bar bending hand toolsfor rebars with different diameters, different hardness and different uses. There are three types of common rebar bending machines. The first is the worm gear bar bending hand tool, which is a kind of bar bending hand tool that is easy to move and easy to operate. The second is a gear-type rebar bending machine. On the basis of such a bending machine, a device for braking and controlling the bending degree is added, which can effectively protect the machine and realize automatic braking when the machine is overheated. There is also a hydraulic rebar cutting and bending machine that uses hydraulic principles to operate. In addition to the bending function of ordinary rebar bending machines, it can also cut rebars with hydraulic pressure. It can be said to be a dual-purpose rebar bending machine. Not only that, The hydraulic rebar bending machine is also characterized by a high degree of automation, which improves the production efficiency.

Generally speaking, a rebar bending machine is a machine that bends or twists rebars to meet the needs of construction. However, with the development of science and technology and more complex market demands, there are also cost factors. rebar bending machines are gradually developing towards multi-functionality. Look up to even more incredible architectural structures.


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