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Problems that occur during the use of portable rebar bending machines

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Any equipment will have a relevant service life. Once the time is up, there will inevitably be failure problems. Of course, the same is true during the use of steel bar bending machines. The emergence of failure problems not only delays production efficiency, but also brings more to the enterprise. Therefore, for some minor failure problems, we can choose to learn related solutions to reduce the economic expenditure of the steel bar bending machine. What are the failures that will occur during the use of portable rebar bending machines

◆ Motor failure

If you can't turn on the machine, you can't run correctly, or you can't find the motor jitter, there's no response, or it suddenly stops after turning on. There are two similar situations. There are two processing and reasoning methods, replace the motor, or use a professional test tool. Then check whether the transmission parts are stuck when the steel coiling machine is working.

◆Operation system failure

The steel bar bending machine can operate normally, but the processing accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there are often deviations. For this, we can habitually check whether the running parts are loose. Sometimes there will be abnormal noises from the left and right turn keys, or they cannot be classified in the normal way. It is very likely that the parts are loose or damaged. During the halving process, if the shearing machine equipment often fails to cut effectively, this requires Understand whether the stroke limit switch easy eccentric wheel and other equipment set by the shearing machine can operate normally.

◆It is difficult to start the rebar bending machine

If the bending machine does not start up, it is usually a problem with the circuit. First, check the motor and oil pump, and if they are working properly, check the valve block. If they don't turn, the related appliances need to be checked. The specific detection method is as follows:

(1) The sound is flat during operation. If the shearing machine is noisy, it should be stopped for inspection;

(2) When the rebar bending machine is operating, the fuel tank should be turned off to rest when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees;

(3) Ensure that under normal circumstances, start the machine for several cycles of idling. Trial cut sheets of different thickness, from thin to thick. Ensure that users understand the function of bending machine;

(4) Start the bending machine for several cycles of idling, to ensure that under normal circumstances, trial shearing of sheets with different thicknesses, from thin to thick;

(5) Turn on the switch of the pressure gauge during the shearing process of the steel bar bending machine, observe the pressure value of the oil circuit, and the pressure should be less than 20MPa when cutting a 12mm plate. This remote pressure regulating valve No. 9, the pressure is set at 20-22MPa when it leaves the factory, the user must abide by this regulation, and must not adjust the pressure for shearing the surface of the material that exceeds the specified limit, resulting in mechanical damage.

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