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Advantages of rebar bender

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1) The overall structure is simple, and the operation is convenient. Good stability and high reliability, ensuring the quality of steel bending and improving work efficiency;

2) Suitable for site operations such as parts that are difficult to reach by ordinary bending machines after steel bars are tied or concrete is poured; this portable tool is light and flexible, and suitable for site operations such as parts that are difficult to reach by ordinary bending machines after steel bars are fixed, such as highways, railway bridges Pile foundation engineering, housing construction engineering;

3) Driven by ultra-high pressure hydraulic system, with large bending force, 40mm steel bars can be bent;

4) The machine does not need to replace the working head, and can bend and straighten the steel bar. Fast bending and straightening speed;

5) The machine is easy to operate, save labor, and is easy to move.

In the past few years, the widespread use of steel processing machinery has greatly improved the production efficiency of China's national economy and promoted the improvement and development of the construction industry.

Hardware and building materials

Hardware building materials, as the name implies, are related to metal materials. Hardware building materials are collectively referred to as gold, silver, copper, iron and tin. They are the mother of industry and the foundation of national defense. Hardware building materials products are divided into two categories: big hardware materials and small hardware materials.

Big hardware building materials refer to: steel plate, flat iron, channel iron, steel bar, I-shaped iron, universal angle steel and various types of steel materials.

Hardware and building materials are divided into: construction hardware, white iron sheet, iron wire, steel wire scissors, lock nails, family hardware, various tools and building materials, etc.

From the use and nature of hardware and building materials, it can be divided into eight categories: steel materials, mechanical parts, non-ferrous metal materials, auxiliary tools, construction hardware, family hardware, transmission equipment and working tools.

Building decoration hardware and building materials can be divided into: building hardware, iron products, hardware tools, hardware mold, decoration hardware (lock, handle), hardware accessories, hardware casting, etc.

Door control hardware building materials and automatic doors: all kinds of automatic doors, door control hardware accessories and systems, access control electronic systems, etc.

Materials and integral kitchen / integral household and related equipment: integral cabinet, faucet, kitchen pendant, materials, kitchen stove, sink, sliding door, kitchen appliances and equipment, wall cabinet, etc.

Classification of building materials and hardware

It can be divided into five categories. Metal materials: including all kinds of metal materials. Each kind is divided into profiles, bars, plates, wires, etc.; non-metallic materials: including all kinds of metal materials; building hardware: including locks, handles, door and window hardware accessories, family hardware, decoration hardware, plumbing hardware, bathroom hardware, kitchen hardware, etc.; accessories: bolts, screws, pins, bearings, drive belts, gears, wheels, etc Tools: woodworking tools, electrical tools, tile tools, measuring tools, etc.

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