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Portable rebar bender has a coup to prevent processing deformation

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Among the numerous rebar processing equipment, portable rebar bender is more and more widely used due to their portability and simple operation. Not only that, portable rebar bender can be Pins of different diameters can be replaced. However, some customers reported that some portable rebar bender will be deformed in the process of using and processing. We will organize a few tips for preventing the processing deformation of portable rebar bender.

1. When using a portable rebar bender to process, ensure the rationality of the equipment structure, especially when adjusting the structure of the workpiece, the design of the workpiece should be controlled, and the design ratio should be balanced.

2. You can also choose to increase the clamping area of the workpiece. When a portable rebar bender is used for processing, the contact range between the workpiece and the fixture can be effectively increased, and the deformation caused by the clamping of the workpiece can be reduced.

3. According to the materials of different parts, different heating temperature and time should be selected for the processed workpieces. It is recommended that you overlap the parts that need to be aligned and put them in the heating furnace for heat treatment.

Hardware and building materials

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