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The advantages of portable rebar bending machine help the development of the construction industry

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The portable rebar bending machine is on the line strongly, realizing the era of intelligent and convenient construction. Convenient and easy-to-operate mechanical production applications, improving people's construction needs during construction, realizing construction safety and simple operation, are the development trend of construction. In the future, the research and development direction of the industry will not only be a portable rebar bending machine, but also consider the overall steel processing plan to provide better services.

The advantages of portable rebar bending machine :

1) The overall structure is simple and the operation is convenient. Good stability and high reliability, ensure the quality of steel bar bending and improve work efficiency;

2) It is suitable for on-site operations such as the parts that are difficult to reach by ordinary bending machines after steel bars are bound or after concrete pouring; this portable tool is light and flexible, suitable for site operations such as roads, railway bridges, etc. Pile foundation works, housing construction works;

3) Driven by ultra-high pressure hydraulic system, with large bending force, it can bend 40MM steel bars;

4) The machine does not need to replace the working head, and can perform steel bar bending and straightening work. Fast bending and straightening;

5) The machine is easy to operate, labor-saving and easy to move.

portable rebar bending machine

In the past few years, the wide application of steel bar processing machinery has greatly improved the production efficiency of my country's national economy and promoted the improvement and development of the construction industry.

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