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Breaking Tool Cordless Rebar Cutter

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The reinforcement factor of the broken disassembly tool is used for the fixed-length cutting of reinforcement in various construction projects such as house buildings, bridges, tunnels, power stations, and large water conservancy projects. Compared to other cutting equipment, the reinforced cutter is characterized by its lightweight, low energy consumption, reliable performance, and high efficiency. As a result, it has played a significant role in different fields of national economic construction in recent years.

Application fields: Fire, traffic, maritime, and mining products characteristics: The body of the fuselage can freely rotate, allowing for easy transportation of the steel bar cutting machine. Ou Dun holding a reinforced fracture is currently the most advanced demolition tool.

The hydraulic system of the reinforced fracture consists of various components including a piston, plunger, hydraulic cylinder, pressure rod, removal, reset spring, oil storage barrel, put, oil absorption valve, and others. The working principle is as follows: First, tighten the oil-put valve in a clockwise direction to lift the rod and raise the plunger. This opens the oil absorption valve and allows hydraulic oil to enter the oil chamber. Next, promote the piston forward, which in turn exposes the dynamic cutting knife installed at the front of the piston. After the material is disconnected, open the oil valve in a counterclockwise direction. Under the action of the reset spring, the pressure oil flows back to the oil chamber, and the knife is automatically reduced to the cylinder. Starting this way, cutting the muscles. It is suitable for the cutting of various ordinary carbon steel, hot round steel, threads, flat steel, and square steel in various ordinary carbon steel, hot tales steel, thread, flat steel, flat steel, and square steel.

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