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Features of electric reinforced portable rebar cutter

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Electric reinforced portable rebar cutting machine

Electric reinforced cutting machine is a type of automatic cutting machine. The reinforced cutter is generally automatic and semi -automatic. That is, electric control and manual control. Electric tools for cutting reinforced bars. Use the principle of leverage to perform operations.

Although they are all electric reinforced cutters, they can be divided into: charging reinforced cutting machines, plug -in reinforced cutters, and traditional reinforced cutters according to the market conditions. Although traditional reinforced cutters are currently more popular, the market prospects are not good. Slowly is replaced by portable electric reinforced cutters.


Features of electric reinforced portable rebar cutting machine

1. Small size, compact structure, solid and reliable.

2. Good lubrication performance, adding gear oil at a time, can be operated continuously for two months.

3. The reinforced cutting machine can be automatically dish, that is, the material is automatically dropped, which is extremely efficient.

4. The fault tolerance rate of the feeding system can also be processed for slightly curved steel bars.

5. Remove the knife and replace it for convenience.

6. Special knife material and processing process greatly improves the life of the cutting knife.

7. The equipment noise is low, no dust, no spark, safe and reliable.

8. The equipment principle is simple, and maintenance and maintenance are very convenient.

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